Rolling out your learning management system

Rolling out your learning management system

July 2, 2021 4:04 pm

Rolling out your new Learning Management System? 
If over the last year, you’ve adopted a more online approach to learning and development in your business or have invested in a learning and development platform, here are a few tips to make an impactful impression on your employees.

1. Communications plan 
Like most things, communication is key! Creating a communications plan for your system rollout is probably the first place to start.

Write down the core areas you require employees and managers to understand about the system and if there’s anything they need to action to get up and running. In this comms plan, think of the clearest, most interesting way to relay the information – whether that’s by simple bullet points and highlighted text or by creating an infographic to make it interesting – it’s a good idea to break your communication up with diagrams, videos and images for a more impactful response and ultimately engagement levels from the beginning. 

2. Make it a big deal! 
Make your new L&D system like a new product/brand being launched – give it an event!

Make a big deal of its arrival and why this is a great investment for the business. You could do a ‘countdown’ activity or a live demo of the new L&D system at a staff gathering. Think outside the box a little, anything to make it exciting for everyone with the goals that 1)everyone knows about the new platform and 2)it’s firmly made its mark in the business. 

3. Gather your advocates
Throughout your implementation of the system, hopefully, you appointed key people who will be helping you manage the new system. Whether that is key managers or administrators, choose some employees to be advocates of the new L&D system. They can really help champion your message and help and guide other employees when using the system, so make sure you train these people up – give them the basic knowledge. This is a really great method for bigger businesses, as anything new can cause resistance amongst employees, so having some positive vibes from others around the workforce is surely a huge help!

4. Temperature checks 
Don’t just launch it and expect everything to be tickety-boo. Have a process in place for people to give feedback and to log any issues they are having – ‘test the temperature’ – how are people using it, what’s their likes and dislikes! This will help with resolving easy training issues required, and to also give people a voice whether it is positive or negative. Giving them this outlet is much better than letting it fester away amongst teams and groups creating a negative response to the new L&D system. 

5. Keep it visible

You’ve put so much effort into this new platform, so make sure it has a presence in the workplace. You can add a little about your system in your recruitment process, onboarding presentation and ensure you train your managers and key users often ensuring they constantly live and breathe it – might seem a bit much but once it’s truly embedded into the business, then you get to put your feet up…!

Sarah Whitelaw
Operations, Redmill Advance 

Redmill Advance is a learning provider and e-learning specialist offering CII and CISI exam support.

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