Building stronger learning cultures

Building stronger learning cultures

November 25, 2020 10:33 am

Richard Branson once said “ Customers come second, employees first. It’s a philosophy that brings unexpected benefits to both the company and its clients.”

In a recent survey of over 400 employees spanning three generations, 70% of the respondents indicated that job-related training and development opportunities influenced their decision to stay at their job.

Replacing an employee could potentially set your company back as much as twice their annual salary. And losing your star workers who delivered 400% more in productivity can be higher still.

Why you should be investing in your employees:

  • Build a solid reputation in the marketplace and attract the best possible talent!
  • Happy employees, happier customers. Engaged employees help you establish a better relationship with your customers. 
  • When employees are well trained, they will be better equipped to identify and exploit opportunities. That will, in turn, benefit the company.

Mobility in eLearning over the past few years has moved from the “nice-to-have” comfort zone to becoming an absolutely essential need for any company. RM Advance white label online learning management system offers a solution to address your corporate learning and development needs.

RM Advance provides professional development with a practical selection of CPD accredited courses helping you engage, support and develop your workforce and partners. All delivered through a versatile and interactive Learning Management System. 

Our white label proposition offers a solution to address your corporate learning and development needs. Which can be integrated seamlessly with your HR and learning department, offering detailed management information from a large variety of reports. It puts you in control and allows you to measure and track the learning progress of each employee.

Learn without limits with RM Advance


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